Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre

A Govt. of India Autonomous Body Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

(An ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 29990:2010 Certified Organisation & A NABL Accredited Laboratory)

Fragrance & Flavour Creation Services

The FFDC provide all services and supports in the field of fragrance and flavour creation.

Our services include

  • Creation of Natural Fragrances for Face-Pack, Sweet Lemon for Shampoo, Orange, SHPH & Chocolate SHH for Shoe Polish, Sweet Cologne for Spray, Kewra SHP for Shampoo, Lime M for detergent, Canther A & B for Hair oil etc.
  • Creation of Natural Flavours for SFHC/A to D for Saunf, Mint fresh, Mint Fresh TF for chewing gum, Vanilla F & H for Cigar. etc.
  • Fragrance Commercialization of Green Garden, Sweet Cologne, Floral Musk for Spray, Arti-Ag, Rose 8005 Ag,
    Lavender Ag, Vanilla Ag, Sun Flower Ag, Sandal AG super, Chandan-M, Fancy – D, Denim-Ag, Noorja-M, Dhupa, Jasmine-J for agarbatti and Lime-M, Mint Fresh for detergent, Lavender SPB for Soap, Headaroma for Hair oil etc.
  • Flavours Commercialization of Masala-Hot CHP (I), Raspberry, Pan Supari, Orange, Mint Cough & Cold and Vaporub. Mint Fresh for Chewing Gum, ACDN for cough drop. etc.
  • Aroma Kit and CD on Ayurvedic plants Commercialization
  • Training-cum-Demonstration programme on Aroma Based products manufacturing
  • Trial Products Development like hair oil, cream, face pack, face wash, incense stick etc.
  • Consultancy Services in fragrance creation, flavour creation and in application areas
  • Preparation of feasibility reports
  • Consultancy on Application of fragrance & flavour in end products including Aromatherapy blends
  • Consultancy for establishment/installation of Modern Distillation Unit
  • Consultancy on Development of products from oils.